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For a long time when transferring data from the water meters, they are unhappy that they are calling!!!..and they say that they have a website..that's where we must leave a testimony))) the INTERNET is NOT THEIR WEBSITE!!! No matter how you write the search engines..anything at their office... no DE ...

Container area of Kalinin, 13 located near transformer substation. The passage between the container platform and the transformer is almost constantly littered with furniture pieces and other household stuff,which could lead to fire, because there constantly hanging around children. 7.07.2017, the t ...

I am a resident of p. Lugovoi,the post is open,it is closed as to them for want.Here today, may 30 16-40 already closed mail.You will take action,and then have come out to Moscow,a mess!!!

I Express my gratitude to 5 brigade ambulance station who were on duty in the night from 19 to 20 may,particularly the paramedic Alex. Called about the attack of allergic conjunctivitis,arrived quickly. Assistance in full,waited for improvement.Alex is very responsive,attentive. I thank him very muc ...

Horrible kindergarten, including guidance with children, educators are turning bad,shake hands,yelling,not all of course but there.disgusting kindergarten

terrible Barber is not a professional approach to clients undertake to cut the little girl and stupidly shaved it under the sewing machine so as not to bother and although I said I'd do my best

your chef Natalia Savelyeva says the city Staveley storekeeper and accounting perepisyvat menu and taschyat home products please provite attention to it ATO it comes to Aministration of Chelyabinsk yab is the chef would not put neosteel voltl I would think Valentina

I jacubowich your chef a brand new witch in town and Ghawar goes into the warehouse Manager and accounts in place with a supervisor varuyut products and perepisyvat menu shtoby afford to take on more children and less and cooks you Molokai bread are ned Boh to Chelyabinsk comes then it will be all c ...
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A · A car audio and car alarm8 · Accessories for communications10 · Air5 · Alcoholic beverages12 · Appliances other6 · Architectural design work11 · Atelier clothing6 · Atms32 · Audio, video products, computer games8 · Auto parts24 · Auto repair, gas stations5 · Auto, motobike salon19 · Show all 22

B · Baby products, toys16 · Banks. the exchange24 · Baths, saunas5 · Beauty salons, hair salons, tanning salons92 · Blinds and accessories5 · Books, cartographic and other printing products5 · Business education, training6 · Show all 15

C · Cafes, bars, snack bars49 · Car wash13 · Cars foreign17 · Catering6 · Ceilings and accessories9 · Cellular44 · Channels. video5 · Cleaning13 · Clothing185 · Commercial, private clinics and centers14 · Computer and office equipment27 · Computer equipment13 · Computers, servers, terminals, hardware8 · Construction, finishing materials and tools14 · Consulting in the field of information technology5 · Courier services10 · Credit and non-bank leasing company9 · Show all 30

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F · Fabric10 · Farm shops, goods for the home and garden9 · Fees and second-hand shops27 · Finishing and repair works5 · Food delivery12 · Foreign languages25 · Furniture stores, shops52 · Show all 15

G · Grocery stores14 · Show all 5

H · Haberdashery shops33 · Hairdressers, beauty salons12 · Health and fitness centres, gyms25 · Home furniture40 · Hosiery9 · Hotels, hotels, campsites8 · Show all 12

I · Internet68 · Show all 6

J · Jewelry stores13 · Show all 3

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L · Leather and fur12 · Lighting5 · Show all 7

M · Management consulting6 · Merchandise13 · Model agency5 · Mortgage lending5 · Show all 19

N · Network and telecommunication equipment, accessories8 · Night clubs, discos, casinos, entertainment complexes8 · Show all 4

O · Office furniture23 · Online shopping, teleshopping5 · Optics, salons glasses and contact lenses8 · Other institutions of further education7 · Other medical institutions7 · Other specialty stores and salons5 · Outdoor advertising33 · Show all 15

P · Paints5 · Passenger autotransportations. public transport11 · Perfume and cosmetic shops60 · Perfumery, hygiene, cosmetics18 · Pet shops6 · Phones and means of communication7 · Photography services, videography5 · Polygraphic services, manufacturing of business souvenirs9 · Show all 19

R · Repair import cars15 · Restaurants25 · Road transport20 · Show all 12

S · Shoe stores112 · Shoes21 · Software20 · Souvenir shops5 · Sporting goods11 · Stairs, railings, accessories.5 · Show all 20

T · The ministry of emergency situations, fire safety53 · The organization of concerts, celebrations26 · Tire7 · Tourism international43 · Show all 15

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W · Water transport8 · Website development25 · Windows, doors, grills, hardware14 · Windows, doors, shutters17 · Show all 10

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About the city of Kopejjsk

Погода в Копейске В 14:00 на метеостанции (15 км) было -13.7 °C, ощущается как -16 °C ясно, очень высокое атмосферное давление, тихий ветер (1 м/с), дующий с юго-востока. В Копейске сегодня в 23:00 ожидается -15°C, без осадков, легкий ветер.